Friday Swim Schedule
Pool Opens 6:00 AM
Adult Swim 6:00 AM - 7:30 AM
Swimming Lessons 8:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Adult Swim 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Lifeguard Hours 12:00 PM - 5:30 PM
Adult Swim 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM
Lifeguard Hours 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM
Pool Closes 10:00 PM

Frequently Asked Questions


Commonly asked questions about ISSC by members:




QUESTION #1: My adult child and their family live in the area, can they come and swim at ISSC?


ANSWER: You must accompany your extended family members to the pool.  They cannot be at the pool without you being present. (Bylaws section B, bi. updated April 2013)


QUESTION#2:  My folks are visiting from out of town and I want them to go with my children to the pool.  Can they take my children without me being there?


ANSWER: For your children less than 18 years of age, they can bring two guests per child.  Then your parents could bring the kids to the pool without you being present. (Bylaws section B, aii.)


QUESTION #3:  How many guests at one time can I bring to the pool?


ANSWER: Our Bylaws at ISSC (section B, ai.) state that an adult member over the age of 18 y.o. can bring 5 guests.  Therefore a couple could bring up to 10 guests.  The family who owns the membership, if their children (are less than18 y.o.) can each bring 2 guests.  Any group > 10 is considered a POOL PARTY and requires the member of ISSC to hire a LIFEGUARD and register as a pool party.  If there is already a lifeguard on duty, the member has to hire an additional lifeguard at $12.00/hour.


Pool Parties


QUESTION #4:  How do I go about scheduling a pool party? 


ANSWER: First, go to the web site at  www.indianspringsswimclub.com and see if any other ISSC member has scheduled a pool party on the Calendar (more than one party can be scheduled at a time).  Then call our Vice-President, in this case Susan Gailey at #375-6204 to schedule a pool party and arrange for another lifeguard if indicated.


QUESTION #5: How many guests can I have for a pool party?


ANSWER: not to exceed 50 people


QUESTION #6 How much does it cost to have a pool party?


ANSWER: $15.00 flat fee, plus $12/hour per lifeguard, as well as a refundable deposit of $50.00 if the pool is left in the state that it was found and does not require clean-up by our maintenance person. 

11 - 20: 1 Extra Guard (2 Guards total)

21 - 50: 2 Extra Guards (3 Guards total)

If you book a party on a Sunday you will need to pay for all the guards, if you book during a normal guard shift then you only need to pay for the extra guards.


QUESTION#7:  Can I bring my dog to the pool?


ANSWER: No dogs, cats, or other animals will be allowed on the Club grounds. (Rules and Regulations, updated May 2004)


Selling/Renting Membership


QUESTION #8:  I do not want to use my pool membership, but uncertain that I want to sell.  How do I go about renting my membership out?


ANSWER:  First, you have to be in good standing with the pool and all previous dues and fees have to be up to date.  If you are up to date, then you must rent before 6/1/13 to avoid having to pay your annual dues.  You can either arrange to rent your pool membership to a friend/acquaintance and then notify the MEMBERSHIP CHAIR-Chante Madsen @ #438-9911. Or call Chante and let her know you would like to rent.  If your membership is not rented prior to 6/1/13, then you are responsible for the annual dues.


QUESTION #9: How many years can I rent out my membership?


ANSWER:  There is no limit, as long as you have someone to take on the rental each year prior to June 1st, you can rent your membership annually.  You cannot rent your membership to the same person more than once, as renting is only allowed once by an individual/family.


QUESTION #10:  We are no longer using the pool and want to sell our membership.  How do we go about selling?


ANSWER:  First, your account must be in good standing and all dues and fees paid to date.  If they are, then you contact the MEMBERSHIP CHAIR- Chante Madsen in this case at #438-9911 and let her know you want to sell. You can sell your membership at any set price you determine.  In 2012, most members sold their membership between $200-$500.  THE CLUB IS NOT OBLIGATED TO PURCHASE YOUR MEMBERSHIP.  (Bylaws under MEMBERSHIP section b. Transfer of Membership)


If you have someone who is interested and you sell your membership, this person can have your work credits from the previous year.  If you do not have a work credit, then they pay the full amount of annual dues as well as the cost of the membership.


You must let the MEMBERSHIP CHAIR know of sale within 10 days and ISSC must complete the transaction within 60 (sixty) days of date the club received written offer of sale.



Using the Pool


QUESTION #11:  How old does my child have to be to go to the pool without me when a lifeguard is on duty?


ANSWER:  Your child has to be  8 y.o. or older to be unaccompanied to the pool when a lifeguard is on duty.


QUESTION #12: Can children use the pool during adult swim?


ANSWER: Children will be allowed on a case-by-case scenario in the pool during adult swim as long as not all the lanes are being used and permission is sought and received by the ALL the adults in the pool.


Annual Dues


QUESTION#13:  I have not paid the annual dues for the last two years, what becomes of my membership?


ANSWER:  If you are not in good standing with the ISSC pool after two years and do not make good on your outstanding balance by June 1st, then you loss your membership.  ISSC reclaims your membership and you cannot sell it, nor will you be financially compensated for your membership. (Bylaws section C. Membership cii. Updated April 2013).


QUESTION #13: When are annual dues due?


ANSWER: June 1st, and after that time a $25.00 late fee will be added.


Swim Lessons/Swim Team


QUESTION #14I have a child in swim lessons; can my other children use the pool during their lessons?


ANSWER: No, siblings or other children not in that designated swim lesson cannot be in the pool.


QUESTION# 15 How much do swim lessons cost? What are the sessions?  How do I sign up?



ANSWER: two week session for members $20.00/non-members $35.00 and dates will be set by the swim instructor and posted at the pool.  Only 6 children are allowed in each lesson at one time and will be taken on first come, first served bases.  You can sign up at the pool and this year there will be two sessions running simultaneously.